About Us.

In recognition of the important work and contributions made by WOHASU® LLC, organizer of World Happiness Summit®, the Mayor of the City of Miami and the Members of the City Commission proclaimed March 19: WOHASU Make Miami Happy Day in the City
of Miami.

“Beginning with the first World Happiness Summit® in 2017, WOHASU® has evolved from an event, to a grass roots movement, lifestyle and into a wellbeing ecosystem dedicated to spreading the ripples of the science of happiness and wellbeing to a global audience. We are both honored and humbled by WOHASU’s reach and success.

A variety of social impacts can be seen directly from the outcomes of our programming, and indirectly through the new services, courses, events, businesses and non-profits created by those who have experienced WOHASU.

We are proud of the many new ventures arising from the learnings and network acquired through the WOHASU community.”

In gratitude, Karen Guggenheim, Founder & CEO

  • Technology

Future of Happiness

Through the convergence of entrepreneurship and the science of happiness, we explore the intersection of wellbeing within an increasingly digitized life. Our goal is to foster the mindful use of technology and innovation through applications and design thinking that support mental, emotional and physical health.