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The WOHASU® Certificate in Elements of Wellbeing

Empowering knowledge and credibility. A specialized digital training and educational program about the science and practice of happiness employing the elements of wellbeing: mindfulness, physical, purpose, community, career and social applied through the WOHASU® ACE Method.


Explore the Elements for a Happier Life through
The WOHASU® ACE Model of Wellbeing:

Awareness, Connection, Experience

What's included

Access to Exclusive Content

Explore the 6 elements of wellbeing for a happier life. Engage with interactive content like video lectures, webinars, World Happiness Summit talks, polls, live Q&A sessions, and insightful articles/e-books.

Skills Development

Including practical exercises and techniques for developing skills that contribute to happiness and wellbeing. This includes creating practicing the Habits of Wellbeing: insights gathering, resources audit and practices.

Personal Assessment

Including a personal assessment component to help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to happiness and wellbeing. This includes self-assessment surveys, and reflective writing prompts.

Community Support

We offer a community support component, providing opportunities for individuals to connect with others who are also working on their happiness and wellbeing certification, i.e., Online discussion forums, peer coaching, and in-person meetups.

Certificate Diploma

You receive a physical certificate and digital badge indicating you have completed all the requisites of your WOHASU ® Certificate in Elements of Wellbeing.

Innovative Digital Platform

Access for 12 months to our unique learning digital platform through the WOHASU app, including all the World Happiness Summit Talks and its exclusive content with an option to extend.

Benefits of the Program:

Learn tools and methods for a deeper understanding of wellbeing

Boost productivity and performance

Foster community of like-minded people and organizations

Enhance personal and professional growth through self-awareness and skills training

Contribute to positive change


Experience a 6-month program featuring monthly Live Q&A sessions, also designed to empower you at your own pace.


Pricing Plans

Contact us for more information about your payment options

One-time Payment

This option saves you the most!


Monthly Payments

You commit to the whole program but pay monthly!

$299/month/12 months

Who is this Program for?

Team leaders including non-profits, start-ups, corporate and government

Health practitioners and providers including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, life coaches, doctors and nurses, first responders, physical therapists, holistic health practitioners,

Educators including K-12 teachers, graduate professors,

Speakers and influencers

Parents, caregivers and social advocates

Anyone who is keen on pursuing education, development, wellbeing in the digital domain, and progress in technology.