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Fostering connections and offering resources for a profound grasp of wellbeing within a community hub.
Educational Programs

Elements of Wellbeing Certification

Empowering knowledge and credibility. A specialized digital training and educational program about the science and practice of happiness employing the elements of wellbeing: mindfulness, physical, purpose, community, career and social applied through the WOHASU® ACE Method.

Educational Programs

Chief Happiness Officer Certification

The CHO Certificate is a program for managers, consultants and business professionals who intend to lead by applying scientifically tested wellbeing practices. Led by Professor Sandro Formica, PhD, and co-certified by WOHASU and FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The rich content is targeted for immediate implementation. We provide business leaders with evidence-based tools to improve engagement, recruitment, customer service and overall wellbeing. Through our program, you will access the latest research findings helping you to make a business case for wellbeing at work.

Educational Programs

Building Positive Organizations Workshop

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of transforming traditional organizations into positive entities that prioritize employee well-being, foster a supportive culture, and promote sustainability. Using a nine-step framework, participants gain the skills to create thriving, sustainable organizations, emphasizing gradual change, safety, vulnerability, and self-awareness. By prioritizing individual transformation as a catalyst for collective change, participants create positive organizations that embrace authenticity, emotional expression, and work-life balance.


The community feature in our wellbeing app connects users, fostering support, motivation, and shared experiences for personal growth.

Expert Hour

Monthly, Karen Guggenheim, WOHASU’s CEO and a happiness expert, leads a 1-hour wellbeing conversation, now accessible as podcast episodes via our app.

Book Club

WOHASU’s virtual book club explores wellbeing and happiness literature, aligning with Elements of Wellbeing: mindfulness, purpose, social, community, physical, and financial, in monthly online gatherings.

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The Wellbeing Manifesto

At The World Happiness Summit 2023, we launched a groundbreaking approach championed by the WOHASU Community and drafted by Professor Lord Richard Layard, focusing on wellbeing as society’s paramount objective. This philosophy underscores the importance of measuring and prioritizing the happiness and life satisfaction of individuals over mere income or productivity. It calls for annual wellbeing assessments by governments, businesses, and educational institutions, urging them to align policies, practices, and curricula to enhance wellbeing. This shift emphasizes the need for governments to prioritize the least happy, redefines business success through employee wellbeing, promotes happy children as better learners, and encourages individuals to contribute to global happiness. This comprehensive strategy envisions a happier world where wellbeing is the primary aim across all sectors and facets of life.


Resilience 2.0

WOHASU® co-created Resilience 2.0, an online resilience course offered free of charge to Ukrainian people affected by the war in Ukraine. With over 44,000 registered participants in 2023, the course features mostly WOHASU speakers who donated their time to deliver lectures focusing on building resilience skills during this incredibly challenging time and which can later also serve as valuable tools for the rebuilding process.