Science tells us that increasing employee wellbeing fuels success and improves traditional business results, thus creating WIN-WIN scenarios.


Signature Programs

Through workshops, expert keynotes, coaching and customized trainings, we collaborate with leading experts to provide integrated solutions to increase wellbeing at work, support organizational health and foster positive connection.

  • Wellbeing @Work

By focusing mainly on external results associated with stressors
 we miss the opportunity to improve work productivity, performance and health.

Instead, we can invest in internal solutions that can positively impact overall employee wellbeing, increasing innovation threefold, productivity by 31% and employee engagement 10X(HBR). A highly engaged workforce has a:

41% reduction in absenteeism.

21% increase in productivity.

24 – 59% less turnover (Gallup).

Positively transforming organizations involves fostering a language of wellbeing, aligning values, connecting with meaning and communicating success.

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Coaching can be a key driver to sustainable performance, meaning and success, both in personal and professional life. We collaborate with leading coaching organizations to offer training programs and individual coaching sessions.

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