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Enhancing personal and professional growth through self-awareness and skills training and practices.
Wellbeing Tools

WOHASU® Wellbeing Indicator

Introducing the WOHASU® Wellbeing Indicator, a groundbreaking tool developed in collaboration with PsyNet and powered by their innovative Psybil® psychometric assessment platform. This indicator is designed to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of their wellbeing across the Six Elements of Wellbeing. By assessing your aspirations, beliefs, and behaviors, it offers valuable insights into your current state of wellbeing. We invite you to become a part of shaping this indispensable tool for countless individuals and organizations seeking to enhance happiness in their lives, workplaces, and communities. Join our Validation Study and contribute to the development of a tool that can transform lives and create a happier world for all.

Corporate Education

Customized Expert Classes

WOHASU offers tailored Expert Classes designed to infuse wellbeing into the heart of your company’s culture. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, our expert-led sessions focus on enhancing professional wellbeing, fostering a positive work environment, and boosting overall productivity. These interactive and engaging classes cover a range of topics from mindfulness and resilience to effective communication and leadership skills, all geared towards cultivating a healthier, more satisfied, and productive workforce. Our approach combines the latest research in positive psychology with practical strategies, ensuring your team not only learns but also applies these skills for lasting impact. Elevate your organization’s wellbeing and unlock its full potential with WOHASU’s Customized Expert Classes.

Corporate Education

Wellbeing Intelligence

The Wellbeing Intelligence Workshop was designed using evidence-based practices grounded in positive psychology and adult learning principles and can be customized to your organization’s culture and needs. 

Duration: 3 hours
Mode: Live Online or In Person
Facilitators: Karen Guggenheim, WOHASU CEO/Founder & Member of WOHASU Team


Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau is a dynamic platform that connects renowned experts, thought leaders, and motivational speakers with a global audience eager to learn, grow, and thrive. Here, our distinguished speakers have the opportunity to create personalized profiles that showcase their extensive experience, knowledge, and insights in the fields of happiness, wellbeing, leadership, and personal development. By joining our Speakers Bureau, you can amplify your reach and impact, inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations worldwide. Whether you’re an accomplished speaker seeking new opportunities or an event organizer in search of exceptional talent, the WOHASU Speakers Bureau is the ultimate hub for fostering connections, sharing wisdom, and fostering positive change. Join us today and be a part of the movement to spread happiness and wellbeing around the globe.

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