Happier Schools.

Through our Wellbeing In Education WinEd™ philosophy, we offer research-based frameworks, programs, and interventions to positively transform schools. As the representative for Happier Schools curriculum program in the United States, we deliver on our mission to foster positive systemic change in education.

  • Happier Schools
For students to thrive and flourish in the fast-changing, ever-challenging, world, they need to learn more than reading, writing and arithmetic, more than science, art and the humanities.

WOHASU is proud to represent Happiness Studies Academy’s Happier Schools curriculum program, created by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. Tal is a leading happiness expert, WOHASU Speaker and international best-selling author who taught two of the most popular classes  in Harvard University’s history.

HSA’s Happier Schools program is a comprehensive, multi-year educational intervention program with the purpose of helping an entire school community—students, school staff, and parents—attain higher levels of happiness.

  • Benefits
Extensive research points to the fact that increasing levels of happiness leads to the following benefits:
  • Improved relationships among children and adults.
  • Lower rates of violence and bullying.
  • Higher levels of creativity, productivity and engagement.
  • Better overall performance in school 
and, later on in life, in the workplace.
  • Stronger immune system and improved physical health.
  • Lower levels of depression and anxiety.
  • Higher levels of resilience and self-confidence.

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