What do we mean
by Happiness?

Happiness is a process, achieved by practicing actions that become habits over time. The science behind wellbeing provides the framework to increase positive emotions, improve health, rewire mindsets and enhance traditional business outcomes.

Research finds that directly pursuing happiness makes us less happy, so we need to invest in improving elements of life that help us become happier and healthier. Central to the WOHASU mission is to promote an evidence-based approach to cultivate happier individuals, organizations, communities and societies. We promote several frameworks created by leading experts to show you how. 

The global health crisis has heightened the need to provide solutions for the increased sense of loneliness, anxiety and angst. We can no longer accept the costs stemming from ignoring emotional and mental wellbeing. We have the tools, trainings and programs to elevate individual happiness, improve wellbeing in education, and foster positive organizations and communities.

Happiness and wellbeing are key drivers of health and success—that’s why we collaborate with leading experts, practitioners and organizations to offer varied programs, services and experiences aligned to meet your needs and goals. We take a detailed approach to provide you with solutions to thrive. We offer a community to foster connection and support sustainable results.  


What is Happiness?

Why practice evidence-based tools?

Happines /ˈhapɪnəs/

The experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.

  • Happiness Paradox

Elements of Happiness.



Finding meaning in your personal and professional life.



Establishing inner awareness and living consciously.



Having strong social bonds, and loving, supportive relationships.


Fostering healthy living practices to maintain optimal wellbeing.



Developing financial intelligence to create a solid foundation.



Belonging and contributing to healthy ecosystems.