About Resilience 2.0

In collaboration with Ukrainian psychologist Alla Klymenko, we co-created Resilience 2.0, a free program for Ukrainians to foster the power of resilience in the face of adversity. Resilience transcends the mere resistance of stress; it is the art of mastering challenges and emerging with greater strength. While the circumstances may remain beyond our control, our ability to transform our approach, uncover hidden resources, and nurture resilience knows no bounds.

We are humbled to announce that over 44,000 Ukrainians have registered since March 2023, and we have witnessed positive transformations across various facets of life:

Motivation61.7% found renewed motivation for new achievements.
Sleep Quality13.5% experienced enhanced sleep quality.
Anxiety Reduction54.6% reported a decrease in anxiety levels.
Satisfaction68.8% elevated their satisfaction with life.
Loyalty IndexA remarkable NPS loyalty index of 94.4% among surveyed participants.