The Happiness Event of the Year!

The World Happiness Summit® (WOHASU), the leading wellbeing conference, is an annual multi-day event uniting the world’s leading experts in the science of happiness and wellbeing with a global audience to learn practical tools for a happier life. 

The immersive Summit gathers a diverse international audience to discuss important topics like purpose, the future of work, positive psychology, sustainability, economics, diversity, belonging, coaching, nutrition, mind/body connection, art, and wellbeing to explore science-based methods to become healthier and  happier, and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.  

LocationsUSA & Europe

Who Attends?

A group of change makers interested in science, wellbeing and community.

The immersive Summit gathers a global audience including Business Executives, Economists, Psychologists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Professors, NGO’s Leaders, University Presidents, Personal/Professional Coaches, Young Professionals and Students. Our guests work in industries such as Professional Services, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Tourism, Apparel, Consumer Goods, Wellness, Food and Beverage, and Fashion.

Why Attend?

Transform your life, meet new people and join the Global Happiness Movement.

What started as an event in 2017 is now a global movement dedicated to positively impacting individuals, organizations and societies through education and community building. People come from over 60 countries to discuss the importance of wellbeing to human sustainability. The connection is an important and intertwined relationship including but not limited to Environmental Health, Social Equity, Economic Prosperity, Resilience and Long-Term Perspective. Together we can foster a happier, healthier and more sustainable world.

Experience WOHASU

Learning has never been more fun!

A conference about happiness and wellbeing should be multidisciplinary and fun. In addition to keynotes, panels and breakout sessions, we also feature artists, chefs, and musicians to activate all the senses. Leading yoga instructors, meditation practitioners, and nutrition experts add an important element to the Summit. WOHASU balances rigorous research and practice in a joyful atmosphere. We take great pride in curating an experience that sets the environment for authentic connection, innovation, and discovery.