WOHASU® Think Tank

WOHASU Founder Karen Guggenheim and Deloitte’s Human Sustainability Lead Jen Fisher kicked off The World Happiness Summit 2023 with the WOHASU Wellbeing at Work Think Tank, sponsored by Deloitte US, WOHASU Legacy Signature Sponsor, and conducted by the Deloitte’s Greenhouse Team, at Villa Pliniana, one of the oldest villas on the beautiful Lake Como.

In order to overcome barriers to wellbeing in the workplace, a fundamental shift in mindset is crucial, moving from considering wellbeing as a “nice to have” to an absolute “must have.” This shift entails integrating well-being into the very fabric of the organization and emphasizing the significance of measurement to gauge the impact of wellbeing investments. Additionally, fostering empathy among leaders is identified as a critical skill, with organizations encouraged to provide opportunities for employees to learn and practice empathy within the workplace. Leaders are urged to rethink the design of work to better align with the sustainability of individuals, society, and the planet. Effective leadership is not just about embedding wellbeing into strategy and vision but also demonstrating it through everyday actions. Moreover, effective communication and active listening are identified as key components of promoting well-being in the workplace, requiring employees to recognize its importance and organizations to create tailored programs and strategies to address employee wellbeing needs.