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2024 | London, UK

World Happiness Summit



Why Purpose?

Purpose is the guiding force that imparts direction to meaning. It is a powerful motivator in our personal and professional lives because it drives our actions. By pursuing one’s purpose, we take action to fulfill our live’s meaning. A clear sense of purpose can foster resilience, reduce stress, bolster self-esteem, and improve overall wellbeing. Moreover, it fuels our contribution to the community and society, leading to increased connection and happiness. 

2023 | Lake Como, Italy

World Happiness Summit



Why Connection?

Connection satisfies our needs as social beings, but it is important to keep in mind that when we talk about connection we don’t only refer to the relational field, we refer to a broader approach to connection as we can connect with ourselves and our surroundings in different ways too, and it is important to establish a healthy connection with ourselves first in order to pursue a healthy connection with others. 

2022 - Miami, USA

World Happiness Summit



Why Resilience?

After the many personal and professional challenges that we have lived through since the onset of the global pandemic, let’s come together at The World Happiness Summit to build the foundations for resilience and how these can cultivate a happier, healthier, more fulfilling personal and work life!

2019 | Miami, USA

World Happiness Summit



Why Positive Disruption?

Everyone is talking about happiness because now we have the science to support what many people have felt intuitively: A positive mindset is a competitive advantage that has the potential to improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, benefiting individuals, organizations and communities. Positive disruption is key to the Happiness Revolution which started at the World Happiness Summit. Let’s learn to disrupt in a positive way by raising awareness that it is happiness that fuels success not exterior success that makes us happy.

2018 - Miami, USA

World Happiness Summit



Why Sustainable Happiness?

Feel the Science. For happiness to be sustainable, we need to invest in evidence-based wellbeing tools that we practice over time. The World Happiness Summit is an immersive experience to learn these important life enhancing skills. These positive habits drive the thoughts and behaviors supporting long-term happiness and wellbeing. This is how we can connect our feelings to science. Sustainable happiness requires effort and brings benefits to our physical and mental health, professional endeavors, and relationships.

2017 | Miami, USA

The World Happiness Summit

Why The World Happiness Summit?

In 2017, policy makers, business and government leaders, forward-thinking economists, leading academics, positive psychologists, life coaches, and NGOs gathered at The World Happiness Summit to launch an unprecedented format promoting a data-driven approach to increasing happiness in all areas of life. The multifaceted Summit heralded the Global Happiness Movement to help individuals, organizations and communities become happier and healthier. The goal of The World Happiness Summit is to foster education and create a positive community dedicated to promoting and practicing evidence-based tools to increase happiness and wellbeing today and for future generations. Every March, The Summit coincides with the United Nations International Day of Happiness (March 20th) to highlight the importance of happiness around the world.

The World Happiness Summit Event App

Transformational Journey

Attendees at the World Happiness Summit can enhance their event experience with the World Happiness Summit App, their passport to an extraordinary experience. With this user-friendly app, attendees gain instant access to all the essential information they need to make the most of the Summit. They can effortlessly navigate through the exciting lineup of speakers, workshops, and activities, ensuring they never miss a moment of inspiration. Staying up-to-date with real-time event updates, and connecting with fellow attendees becomes a breeze. The app elevates their entire event experience, putting the power of happiness and wellbeing at their fingertips. Attendees are invited to join this transformative journey and let the World Happiness Summit App be their guide to unlocking the secrets to a happier life.

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