WOHASU, founded in 2016, is a social enterprise focusing on cultivating happier individuals, organizations, communities
and societies.

As a wellbeing ecosystem comprised of an experts network and community hub, WOHASU takes a hybrid approach to learn and connect. We promote positive transformation through educational programs, curated content and innovative experiences based on the science behind happiness and wellbeing.

We foster learning and community through experiences like the World Happiness Summit®, WOHASU® Hub, Happiness on Tour™ and H-20 Government meeting.

We collaborate with leading experts, practitioners, coaches and organizations committed to cultivating the global wellbeing movement, and who work towards creating an inclusive environment where humans, organizations and societies can thrive. Join us in co-creating a happier, more sustainable world.

  • Purpose

Happiness as a crucial element.

WOHASU’s mission is to serve as a comprehensive platform where new ideas are incubated, and innovative programs, services and content are created to educate, and highlight happiness as a crucial element of sustainable development, and personal, organizational and societal wellbeing.

  • Our Values

6 Core Values.

“Beginning with the first World Happiness Summit® in 2017, WOHASU™ has evolved from an event, to a grass roots movement, lifestyle and into a wellbeing ecosystem dedicated to spreading the ripples of the science of happiness and wellbeing to a global audience. We are both honored and humbled by WOHASU’s reach and success.

A variety of social impacts can be seen directly from the outcomes of our programming, and indirectly through the new services, courses, events, businesses and non-profits created by those who have experienced WOHASU™.

We are proud of the many new ventures arising from the learnings and network acquired through the WOHASU™ community.”

In gratitude, Karen Guggenheim, Founder & CEO

  • Connection

World Happiness Summit ®

The World Happiness Summit is an immersive experience gathering top experts in positive psychology, policy, sustainability, economics, conscious business, mindfulness, health and wellbeing to create an inclusive event uniting a global audience. The goal is to learn, experience and practice science-based tools that assist people on the path to self-actualization, wellbeing and happiness in all areas of life.

  • Policy

H-20 Government Meeting.

A gathering of government policy makers, advocates, forward-thinking leaders, leading academics and ground-breaking entrepreneurs united to discuss civic wellbeing.

Our mission is to encourage governments to go beyond the GDP to measure country success and include wellbeing outcomes to track and improve policy effectiveness.

The H-20 is also a vehicle to expand the findings collected by leading organizations and researchers in advance of the United Nations World Happiness Day on March 20th, and is designed as a discussion of best practices, challenges and policies to help improve policies supporting better lives and fostering smart prosperity.