Story About Us

WOHASU, founded in 2016 by Karen Guggenheim, is a social enterprise dedicated to elevating wellbeing in all areas of life. 

Our Mission

Rooted in science, WOHASU® is dedicated to developing and delivering programs, services and experiences aimed at increasing individual, organizational and community happiness and wellbeing. In addition to our programs, we deliver on our mission by building communities that support sustainable change through awareness, connection, and experience

Happiness Timeline All In


Elevate the awareness of the Elements of Wellbeing to increase happiness. 


Establishing awareness in the moment and living consciously.


Finding meaning in your personal and professional life.


Creating and maintaining positive relationships.


Connecting and contributing to healthy ecosystems, including the environment.


Fostering healthy living practices focused on nutrition, exercise and rest.


Enjoying what you do and developing financial awareness.

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