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World Wellbeing Policy Forum - By Invitation

Wellbeing progress should be the main objective of societies. We are shifting to a model that is wellbeing centric; the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, global macroeconomic conditions and geopolitical conflicts have expedited that shift. Wellbeing is a holistic concept that can allow Nations to increment not only their economic potential, but also contribute to build a whole, healthier, and happier life for their citizens.  

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Why do we need a forum on wellbeing policy?

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Measuring and implementing wellbeing policy can positively impact people, the planet, and business thus creating a win-win scenario for regenerative progress. WOHASU’s pro bono initiative in collaboration with the World Wellbeing Movement, the World Wellbeing Policy Forum is an invitation-only gathering that focuses on promoting an international dialogue that supports strategies and exchanges of global information on how to improve wellbeing around the world. This aim should be a central part of substantive government, NGO, and enterprise agendas. 

Call to Action

Read Prof. Layard’s letter, endorsed by WOHASU 2024 speakers, and directed to the United Nations Secretary General in advance of The UN’s Summit of the Future, which takes place this September. The plea is to make it clear that the ultimate objective of all policy should be the wellbeing of the people – both the present generation and those to come. Take action by sharing Lord Layard’s letter with your government official and post on social media, tag WOHASU and a friend. #LetsPutWellbeingFirst
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