evidence-based tools 
for positive change.

  • Wellbeing Ecosystem

WOHASU® is a platform dedicated to increasing the awareness of the elements of happiness and how to achieve it in all areas of life.

We do this through innovative experiences, eLearning programs and customized solutions that foster wellbeing, mental health, connection and happiness. We create and share content that educates and inspires. We offer a community to reinforce sustainable positive action.

  • Education

Our programs and events are based on teaching the practical implementations of the science behind happiness and wellbeing.

  • Consulting and Coaching

Challenges are
increasing in an

and blended home/work/school environment.

We provide research-based training to successfully manage change, improve wellbeing and fuel success.

  • Experiences
H-20 Meeting – WOHASU’s Beyond GDP Initiative
World Happiness Summit®
  • Connection

Connection has never been

more important.

Through WOHASU Hub, we unite leading researchers, speakers, authors and influencers with a global community interested in co-creating sustainable positive change. Connection has never been more important. We take a hybrid approach. We gather in person at the World Happiness Summit®, and virtually through our Hub. Join us here!