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Our personalized wellbeing App is an all-in-one platform built for a learning community focused on elevating wellbeing and optimizing life-work integration. Through original educational content from various World Happiness Summits, expert master classes, and innovative trainings and certifications we offer a comprehensive approach to help you reduce stress, increase happiness and elevate overall wellbeing.

FunctionLearning Community

Elevating Wellbeing Anywhere, Anytime!

It's where the WOHASU community comes together in between events.

In addition to the amazing talks from various World Happiness Summits, enjoy a diverse range of guided meditations, virtual yoga classes, and innovative tools providing an immersive experience. Our App fosters daily practices to create sustainable habits that elevate wellbeing as well as trainings you can complete here, available anytime and anywhere. Download it for FREE.

Wellbeing Community

Your all-in-one wellbeing hub designed to foster a supportive and inclusive community, bringing people together to engage in meaningful conversations on various topics related to mental, emotional, and physical health. Our app is a safe space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can connect, share their experiences, and find inspiration to lead a happier and healthier life. With a variety of interactive features, from group discussions and expert-led workshops to special content and mindfulness exercises, WOHASU empowers users to prioritize their wellbeing while cultivating a sense of belonging and understanding.

The WOHASU Talks

Our innovative wellbeing app is designed to cater to your wellbeing needs, bringing you a vast repository of insightful content from past WOHASU Talks hosted at our transformative summits. With a diverse range of topics that are evidenced-based and focused on enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional health, our platform is the perfect space to explore and nurture your overall wellbeing. Immerse yourself in inspirational speeches, thought-provoking discussions, and expert advice from renowned speakers and thought leaders in the wellbeing space.

Powerful Content

Dive into a world of transformative affirmations that empower and inspire, discover our dynamic wellbeing calendar to keep you on track with self-care, and embark on personalized challenges to ignite positive change within yourself. Indulge in soothing meditations that melt away stress and anxieties, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and centered. WOHASU is a safe space, where self-discovery and growth intertwine to create a thriving and resilient life experience. What’s more, our creative team has the ability to create and launch customized content within our App.

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